6 Simple Ways to Get Rid of Swollen Cheeks

Swollen cheeks and face
Swollen cheeks and face

If you have swollen cheeks or a swollen face, do not jump to conclusions and rush to the doctor just yet. It is important to keep in mind that a puffy face is a fairly normal occurrence that happens not just to adults, but to children as well.

Although having this problem may not look or seem very obvious, sometimes, especially for the more severe cases, this can be a source of embarrassment. Not only that, discomfort and pain tend to develop, leaving you with a constant reminder of what you are going through.

What Are Swollen Face Symptoms?

Usually, one look in the mirror is all it takes for you to diagnose yourself with puffy cheeks. Another way to tell that you have a problem is by the pain.

Tenderness, discomfort, heaviness and soreness will become very evident during this time, leaving you no doubt that your cheeks are puffing up.

What Causes Swollen Cheeks?

There are multiple reasons why your cheeks may swell up. One common cause is the way you sleep. Sometimes too much pressure is placed on one side of the face while you slumber.

This can easily result in a swollen face. Other common causes are an allergic reaction, an eye infection like conjunctivitis, sinus problems, side effects of certain medication or mumps. Dental issues can also play a huge role in facial swelling. From infected teeth and gums to the emergence of a crooked wisdom tooth, there are multiple ways that your cheeks may become swollen and enlarged. However the most common cause of distended cheeks have to be because of injury or trauma. A bad fall or knock with a blow to the face will cause the area to swell. Although there may not be any external damage to the face or cheek such as a cut, the trauma will reduce the flow of blood to the area. This in turn affects the tissues in that particular spot. This will cause swelling and most of the time, slight discoloration like bruising may occur.

How To Get Rid Of Swollen Cheeks

Similar to how there are several ways you can get puffy cheeks, there are also several things that you can do to reduce a puffy face.

Many of these are simple remedies that you can practice at home. Others require some patience and a change of lifestyle choices to effectively rid yourself of puffy cheeks forever.  Here are 6 ways you need to know how to reduce swelling:

1. Hot Compress

One of the simplest things that you can do to combat a swollen face is to use a hot compress. Prepare a warm compress and press it against the swollen areas. This will improve the blood circulation to the area and speed up the healing process. It will bring down the swelling and significantly lessen the pain. If you do not have a hot compress, you can also prepare some hot water and a clean cloth. Dip the cloth into the water and gently press it against your cheek. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat one more time, or until your cheek feels soothed. You should conduct this remedy three times a day for optimum results. Not only is this technique highly efficient, it is also simple to prepare and will not take up much of your time. You can do this at the office, at home, in the car or anywhere else appropriate.

2. Ice Packs

Similar to a hot compress, a cold one will work just as well. You can either use a compress, a bag of frozen peas, or ice wrapped in a towel. If you do not have ice or a compress, fill up a bowl of cold water and dip a cloth into the water. Gently press the cloth to your puffy face and hold it in place for half a minute. Repeat this process a couple of times. Not only will this bring you immediate relief, it will also numb the pain and give you that extra reassurance that you will be just fine going about your day. For maximum and immediate relief, do this every time you cannot take the pain.

3. Lessen Your Salt Intake

You will be surprised at how important food’s role is when it comes to face swelling. You have to cut down on your salt intake if you want to lessen the puffiness around your face. Salt plays a role in water retention, and hence too much will cause puffiness and cheek swelling.

The less salt you consume, the less chance you have of retaining water. This includes not just table salt, but food high in sodium. Junk food, canned food, frozen food and fast food contain high levels of salt and should be avoided at all costs. In general, stay away from processed foods and stick to fresh and healthy produce.

4. Use Potatoes

Potatoes have a colorful history of not only providing sustenance, but also as a remedy for inflammation and pain. This natural home remedy will do wonders for swollen cheeks. Raw potatoes have an extremely cooling effect so peel and slice up a large potato and place the raw slices on your cheek. Turn your face to one side and let the potato slices sit on your face for 15 minutes or so. This simple remedy will soothe the pain. You can also boil a potato until it is cooked through. Place the potato in the middle of a thin cloth or towel and mash it up. Wrap the mashed potato in the same cloth and place it onto your cheek. This acts as a hot compress and will give you instant pain relief.

5. Avoid Known Allergens

This step calls for some patience on your part.

As a long-term solution to ridding yourself of puffy cheeks, stay away from allergens that will irritate you. This is especially true if you are allergic to certain things and can pinpoint the swelling of your cheeks to these allergens. Always read the labels on food that you buy and insist that your waiter list down the ingredients in the dish that you plan to order. This will minimize the risk of you having to deal with swollen cheeks, trouble breathing and pain.

6. Seek Medical Advice

If the pain and discomfort persist, head to your family clinic or make an appointment to see a dentist. The dentist will be able to tell you if your facial swelling has anything to do with your gums or teeth. If not, your family doctor will prescribe medication to help with the pain and swelling. In either case, there is really no harm in seeking the advice of a medical professional, especially if the pain and swelling persists or does not calm down within a couple of days.


  1. My cheek is got start swelling. So start apply ice cubs now it is nealy 1 month but still i didnt see any improvement. I am worrying.

  2. My cheeks is swelling because of my gum problem my mom told me not to play volleyball nor get tired because my gums will bleed. What should i do?

  3. Got into a fight and my face have swollen now ,so i am worried that it might take some time to Heal one eye barely open

  4. My gums n cheeks swollen up bcoz of decayed back tooth now its rainy season could i giv hot salt compress on my cheeks plz….lemme knw

    • Mix black pepper, turmeric spice in a hot water pot take the whole lemon and orange put only the liquid cut it squash it inside after a 4 minute of boiling the drink it for least Five days in the morning n night don’t mix to much spice tablespoon is enough!then drink a bit of Apple cedar a spoon after u finish drinking your juice thanks

  5. Since two years my face start to swelling,bt now days its too much swelling,nowadays I am looking so dull n ugly,please Dr. help me n suggest me that what will I do,after every fever n cold n cough it swelling more,so I can’t to think what will I do,please reply me as soon as possible.
    Thanking you

  6. my face is too puffy.age 52. lots of dark circles under eyes. Thyroid and BP problem. since last 6 months i am observing continuously swallowing. kindly suggest.

  7. I’m a 21 year old girl,having problem with swollen face.my face have been swollen since 2007 up to date.I’ve to many public hospitals looking for help with no luck.Please help me I’m suffering

  8. Hi tumelo,
    I will say here only a few points:
    First do have a checkup of your oral hygeine, do u feel some teeth irritates your cheeks,check your wisdom tooth, sinus, and eat a lot of diuretics like banana etc

  9. use a vibrator on your face in downward motions,, and crush up LYSINE soaked in water make a pasted and put in all over your face you will feel it drawling out the impurities. and a vibrator will move the fluid downwards to your lymph area. also CUPPING works, if you don’t have cupping use a vacuum cleaner with your fingers over the nozzle.

  10. I’m a 12 year old girl and my face cheek is swelled because of an infection in my tooth and I can’t get it fixed till I get the swelling down it’s been about 3 days and I’ve done my medication they assigned me, Tylenol ,ibriprofen and I’ve been using hot towels out of the dryer but I need help because we’re going on vacation were leaving today but I don’t want to go to an amusment park with a baseball on the side of my face (I’m talking about the swelling) but plz tell me what to do plus I have to go back to school Monday

  11. My full face is swollen compared to before, my cheeks also got swollen without any reason. Is this because i sleep in “wrap it up” position? If so please suggest me an effective home remedy as I see many people commenting the remedies did not work, please tell me how to reduce swelling?

  12. Hello,one side of my cheekbone has been bigger than the other for over 4 years now..the causes stated above completely matched…I’v been trying to make it subside to normal level..pls what do I do?..the inconveniences is unbearable!

  13. My left cheek was swollen 2 years ago in August and I am not sure why but it never went back to normal. At first it was only slightly, very slightly bigger than my right cheek so I didn’t really care about it, thinking that it would return to it’s original size. But when I went to shower in the evening that day, I could see my left cheek without even having to look in the mirror. I don’t know whether it was because of my allergy to soap or food because I have eczema, a type of skin allergy. Or is it because I had applied too much pressure on one side when I sleep. I even tried to push my cheek up in the hope that it would go back to normal because it makes my face so fat and saggy that I look so fat even though I am only 14! Could it also be due to stress? I am really desperate for help, please ladies and gentlemen, give me some advice! Don’t know is it is permanent. This is already the 3rd year. My right cheek hurts a bit and it feels like it is being stretched. My eyes are awkward and my face is uneven. Even my smile is slanted and awkward.

    I will appreciate if you could kindly advise me! Thank you!